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Packing Tips

Keeping it Simple

Instructions for Proper Storage

  • Don’t put all of your books in the same box.

  • Mix books with lighter items such as sweaters and bedding.

  • Place heavier objects as close to the center of the box as possible to minimize the risk of breaking the box.

  • Separate your heavy items into multiple boxes.


Refrigerators must be unplugged TWO DAYS before the scheduled pick up time. Make sure the fridge is completely defrosted and dry. Summertime Storage will refuse pickup of any refrigerator that is not defrosted and dried out at the time of pick up. Secure any loose items inside the fridge, place a spacer between the door and the fridge so that it is not air tight and tape it shut. The spacer will allow air to circulate inside the fridge to eliminate odor. The power cord needs to be coiled up and taped to the back of the fridge. Place a label on the front door of the fridge.

Electronic Equipment

When packing electronic equipment, wrap each item with bubble wrap and pack soft items such as towels tight around the equipment. Make certain that your electronics are secure enough so that they cannot move around inside the box. Pack the items in the original boxes if possible. The outside of each box containing delicate items should be labeled “fragile”. Keep in mind Summertime Storage is not responsible.

TV’s & Monitors

Small TVs and computer monitors should be placed in a box with bubble wrap and soft items packed tightly around it. Label the box “fragile”. Unboxed TVs and Monitors will not be accepted. Keep in mind Summertime Storage is not responsible.


The glass turntable in the microwave needs to be either removed and stored separately or securely taped to the bottom of the microwave. The power cord needs to be wrapped up and taped to the back of the microwave. Place a label securely on the microwave.

File Cabinets

File cabinets need to have the contents removed so that they are not too heavy. Tape the drawers shut and place a label securely on the cabinet.

Carpet & Rugs

These items should be rolled tight and taped in several places so that they will not unroll in storage. Wrap the item in plastic if you want to keep dust off of it. Place a label securely on the carpet or rug.

Taping Boxes

Pay close attention to the quality of the closure. We suggest the use of 2-3 inch wide packing tape. You will need three strips of tape for both the top and bottom of the box. Scotch tape, masking tape, paper tape and string are not accepted.

Restricted Stored & Shipped Items

Summertime Storage has the right to refuse storage of any item, or open or inspect any item at any time for any reason at their sole discretion. Restricted items include but are not limited to: flammable liquids of any type, toxic or hazardous materials, illegal substances, drug paraphernalia, firearms, food, liquid substances of any kind, cash, perishable items, any single item deemed irreplaceable or valued at more then $500, or any item prohibited by law in any state or local government within the United States. The Customer accepts full responsibility and liability for any damages or losses that result from failure to adhere to these restrictions.