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Packages & Pricing

Keeping it Simple

Storage Rates

$45 per box/item per semester

Sample items include: Bike, Plastic Bins (can tape a couple of them together to make one item), Dorm Refrigerator, Suitcase, Trunk, Microwave, Rugs and File Cabinets. If your item is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

$60 for boxes larger than ours and furniture (Mattress, Box Spring, Dressers, Tables) – Our boxes are BIG and we recommend you use them if at all possible.

Studying abroad or need extended storage? Not a problem, we will store your items for multiple semesters at our per semester rate. Please just indicate the appropriate returning semester on your storage sign up form when registering for storage.

Shipping Rates

$15 per box for handling

(plus FEDEX ground shipping charges)

We do not accept boxes over 70lbs. If you can’t lift it, neither can we!

What is considered a “Semester”?

Summer Semester (May-August)
Fall Semester (September-December)
Spring Semester (January-April) 
The flat rate of $45 per item/box includes pick up, storage and delivery for the whole semester. There is no monthly storage fee!

Studying Abroad and need extended storage for multiple semester?

i.e. – Storage picked up in May and delivered in December or early January would be considered two semesters and would cost a flat rate of $90 per/item.

Additional Supplies

$6 Additional Box


$10 TV Box

(Will fit a 27″-36″ TV)

$5 Additional Tape

$6 Mattress Cover

Additional Services

VIP Treatment


$150 guarantees that your storage items will be picked up within a 1 hour time frame of your choice or a same day pick up if our schedule allows.


This service will only move you on to a scheduled delivery day that is currently closed or full to capacity. This is NOT a 1 hour time frame and ONLY guarantees your delivery will be made on the agreed upon day during the normal time frame of 8a-2p or 1p-7p. There is very limited availability for this service. The fee is $150.

Supply Kits

During the sign up process the customer is required to order at least one Supply Kit for $35.00 plus tax. Each Supply Kit includes (5) 4.5 cubic foot cardboard boxes measuring 24” x 18” x 18” and (1) roll of packing tape. Our office will contact you via phone or email to arrange supply kit delivery.

The Customer hereby authorizes Summertime Storage to charge the Customer’s credit card or bank account for the price of the Supply Kit. The Supply Kits are non-refundable and non-returnable.

Most customers find the (5) boxes contained in our Supply Kit sufficient; however, feel free to order as many Supply Kits as you like. You can also order additional boxes as well. You are allowed to use your own boxes but it is not recommended as additional fees can accrue with boxes that are not issued by Summertime Storage.


We accept all major credit cards. Sorry we do not accept cash or check.

Students do not pay for any services, except for purchasing the Supply Kit at sign up, until after their items have been picked up. After storage is inventoried at our warehouse (24hr-48hrs after your storage pick up) the credit card we have on file will automatically be billed for your storage balance. If we are unable to re-bill your card on file we will email you an invoice with a secure payment link. All charges for services are due and payable immediately following the pickup of the Customers possessions. Any account that we are not able to collect payment on will incur a 15% increase on their bill monthly until payment is made in full. Storage will not be delivered until your account is paid in full.


Cancellation, missed pickup and or re-delivery fee – A fee of $75 will be charged in the event a customer wants to cancel less than 72 hours before their scheduled pick up/delivery window. In the event a customer gives proper cancellation notice 72 hours prior to their scheduled pick up/delivery window via email, a $50 cancellation fee will be assessed. All supplies and VIP services are non-refundable. You must be packed and ready for your pick up or delivery at the start of your pick up or delivery window. (Example: 1pm-7pm – you must be 100% packed for pick up or present for delivery by 1pm.) If you are NOT and we need to return or reschedule your pick up there will be a $50 fee associated with us returning to your location a second time.

Overweight boxes – Boxes over 60 lbs or larger then 24” x 18” x 18” will be charged a $20 per overweight or oversized boxed item. If you are unsure about the weight of a box, we recommend using a second one just to be on the safe side to avoid this fee.

Repacking – Any customer that requires Summertime Storage to re-pack any one or some of their items will be subject to a $20 per item fee. Instead of delivery, a customer may request we ship their items to a new location. If their items require any re-packing with this new shipping request, then this fee will also apply.

Out of window pickup & delivery fee – In the event a customer wishes to schedule a pick up or delivery of storage on a date that is not available on our website, there will be a $250 fee for each instance. Please emailed your request and will confirm the availability of that day within 48hrs. All requests must be approved by our office before these arrangements can be scheduled.

Abandonment – In the case of abandonment of the customer’s possessions, the customer agrees to pay Summertime Storage for all charges and fees relating to the failed delivery attempt and for any disposal fees of the customer’s items. Summertime Storage has the right to assume ownership of the abandoned property 180 days after pick up if the customer has failed to contact Summertime Storage about delivery and/or has not paid for current storage fees.

The Customer hereby authorizes Summertime Storage to charge the Customer provided credit card or bank account for the balance owed for the services rendered and any additional fees.  If the customer has failed to pay the charges for the services or any additional fees prior to the date of scheduled delivery of stored packages, Summertime Storage reserves the right to hold the customer’s possessions until payment has been received in full. This could result in additional fees and if not resolved in a timely manner the items will be considered abandoned and give Summertime Storage the right therefore to dispose of the customer’s items.